Welcome to blueapple consulting

blueapple consulting is a partnership based organization. Our mission is to help our partners deliver services that help protect client profit margins by management of effective spending and to ensure growth by performance efficiency, the alignment of people, processes and technologies. See how we can help!

At blueapple consulting we value our partners.

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our key VALUES

  • over 15 years of blue-chip industry experience
  • centre of excellence in:
    ITIL, lean six sigma, project management
  • knowledgeable of industry best practises
  • continuous improvement mind set
  • creative, innovative and fresh ideas
  • shared risk pricing


partner key BENEFITS

  • complementary new services
  • no investment costs to develop new services
  • utilisation of bench resource
  • no additional costs for intellectual property
  • opportunity to retain customer
  • increase revenue and organic growth


Maintain a healthy work life balance: www.masumi.be

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